Cloth Diapers Made Easy

Cloth Diapering Made Easy

When I used cloth diapers in the early 1990s, they were made of cotton flannel with a thicker center panel. These hour glass shaped diapers with rainbow colored stitching around them laid in a coated nylon diaper wrap that closed with Velcro. When my son started wetting heavier at night, I made booster pads of cotton flannel and cotton terry cloth to increase absorbency. Today’s cloth diapers are completely different.

We sell a variety of cloth diapers, but the majority…and my favorite type is the All in One cloth diaper. I will share my knowledge of the different types of cloth diapers available to today’s parents.

All in One:This style of diaper is most comparable to disposable diapers for ease of use. It is made of a water resistant outer (PUL-polyurethane laminate-fabric). Just put the diaper on and go. No stuffing pockets. Closure is either snaps or Velcro-type tabs. Some are sized (newborn, small, medium, etc.) while others are of the one size fits most variety. Linings are generally polyester micro fleece or suede cloth. Cotton linings are available for babies with sensitive skin or parents who simply want a natural fiber against baby’s skin. These tend to be the easiest diapers for grandparents, babysitters, and some dads. The sized variety tends to be trimmer fitting compared to pocket diapers and fits well under clothing.

All in Two:Abbreviated as AI2, this style of diaper has a waterproof outer shell and snap in or lay in soaker. Some of these have a wipeable inner; therefore, the shell can be reused if it is not soiled.

Pocket: Pocket diapers are made with a pocket opening (which can vary in location and might even have two pockets for agitating inserts out in the wash). They can be stuffed with inserts to adjust absorbency. These are very popular nowadays, but also tend to be the bulkiest as far as fit.

Fitted:This term through me off initially. It seemed like a fitted diaper would refer to size. But it is a diaper style where you have a diaper consisting of layers of a natural fabric with no waterproof outer. These are worn with a waterproof cover. I might be wrong on this one as it’s my least understood modern cloth diaper concept.

Modern Cloth Diaper Lining Fabrics include natural fibers such as cotton or bamboo velour as well as polyester fabrics generally lumped under the category of “stay dry” fabrics. Microfleece and suede cloth fall into the latter category. These fabrics wick moisture away and tend to feel dry to the touch when wet. Athletic wicking jersey is also a stay dry fabric.