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BubbyBums Pocket Diapers

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I received my first BubbyBums pocket diaper as a Christmas gift and I had never heard of the brand so naturally was skeptical on how well it would work. The first time I put it on my son with 1 MF insert and 1 bamboo insert in it and i couldn't believe just how well it fit him!!! No red marks, not too tight, not too loose, it was just a PERFECT fit!! The inner lining has been super easy to spray off and hasn't stained in MONTHS of weekly use. These are great diapers!! Since getting my first as a gift I have since ordered several more and love them all! I have now thrown out all my China cheapies and will only be buying BubbyBums from here on out! If your sick of leaks and tight fitting cloth diapers leaving red marks on your babies skin then buy these!!!!
Date Added: 02/26/2016 by Jennifer Rayna